Andersen Windows and Doors


For over a century, Andersen has been helping families make their homes brighter, more comfortable and more beautiful. They do it by making windows and doors that are different and better than any others…by setting the bar high and raising it day after day, year after year.

Today, they offer a broader selection of products than anyone. So whether you’re looking for economy or variety, energy efficiency or architectural authenticity, hi-tech materials or low-maintenance design, you can count on Andersen for quality craftsmanship and reliable performance, no matter where you live or how you live.

Andersen designs and builds windows and doors that are among the best-performing products in the industry, and they’ve been able to maintain this status for more than a hundred years because of our commitment to constant innovation. They employ rigorous performance and quality testing to make sure we continue to set the highest possible bar for performance. That’s why for you, peace of mind comes standard on all Andersen® window and doors. Andersen® products offer:

  • Energy-efficient glass to help you control your heating and cooling costs no matter your climate
  • Durable materials that are virtually maintenance free
  • Weather-resistant construction that meets building code requirements even in harsh weather environments

For more information: or call Home Lumber of Richmond KY at (859) 623-6136.  We carry a full line of Andersen Windows and Doors and can help you select the right building supplies for your home or building project.

Slideshow of Andersen Windows and Doors

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